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China United Electric Import & Export Corporation (CUEC) was founded in 1980. The 27 Members of CUEC are all Major Key Enterprises or Scientific Research Institutes. CUEC has Prominent Experience in the field of Thermal Power Generation, Hydropower Generation, Transmission and Distribution as well as Automatic Control Systems for the Power Networks. CUEC have play an Prominent Role in Chinese Mechanical and Electrical Product Exports. CUEC Maintains close Business Relationship with many Internationally-Recognized Companies and Shares Markets in 62 Countries and Regions.

Arising out of a Joint Manufacturing Agreement between IQM & CUEC, WEM y2 Series Motors have been manufactured. The New WEM Y2 Series motors have been designed in accordance with IEC and SABS Specifications. These motors are specifically manufactured for the South African Market and Tough Operating Conditions. As a norm these motors have the CE Approval. New Ware been granted a Exclusive Agency to distribute WEM Motors, we have been pursuing the principle of Cost Effective Quality First and feel this has finally been obtained in the WEM Range.

WEM Y2 Series squirrel cage three-phase induction motors are in full accordance with International IEC Standards and have the ISO9001 Certificate. They have International interchange ability and can be widely used in most countries in the world. The rated voltage of the WEM Y2 Series squirrel cage three-phase induction motors is 400V or 550 Volt and the rated frequency is 50Hz. The protection degree of the enclosure is IP55 and the duty type is S1. All Y2 series motors adopt F insulation, with Degree B temperature rise under full load.

These kinds of induction motors have characteristics such as high locked rotor torque, reliable continuous operation, and low noise under load ensuring a long service life. WEM Electric motors are manufactured in cast iron frames. Motors of Y2 Series have high efficiencies under full load, which is becoming the international norm for new electric motors.

WEM Y2 series induction motors can drive various machinery, such as Fans, Pumps, Mills, blowers etc. We can also supply these motors according to customer’s special requirements with various protection degree, double shaft extensions and special operating environments.

A full range of other Motors and Power Generation Equipment are available on request i.e. –

  • Three phase A.C. Asynchronous motors 0.01 – 3200 kW
  • Synchronous motor 400 – 8000 kW
  • High Voltage Motors
  • D.C. Motors
  • Explosion-proof Motor 0.55 – 2000 kW
  • Fractional kW motors
  • Control Micro motor
  • U.S. NEMA Standard Motor 0.03 – 200 HP
  • A.C. Speed-regulated motors
  • Special Electric Motors
  • Generator and diesel-engine Generation Sets
  • A.C. Main Drive motors and Servo Motors
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