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The Electric Motor Plan

Changing the face of Electric Motor Supply and Maintenance in Southern Africa.
The cost of Electric Motor Purchases and Maintenance is very often prohibitive in that the resources required in both human and financial terms detract from the core business of the company ensuring a loss in productivity.

As a result of this there is a growing trend to partially or completely outsource the Purchase and / or Maintenance of Electric Motors.

There is no doubt that professionally managed outsourcing can provide substantial and quantifiable savings whilst dealing with the intangibles in a manner which ensures that the company or organisation in question can retain its focus on its core business, thereby achieving optimum utilisation of available resources.

Our solutions are completely flexible and many instances are designed to suit the specific needs of a customer.

Our Organisations young, entrepreneurial, yet highly experienced management team, prides itself on its dynamic and professional approach in providing innovative value added solutions to solve the specific needs of our customers. The team’s total commitment to customer service has been the cornerstone to growth and success.

We pride ourselves in having established a company that occupies a leadership position in the Industry. Our dynamic and proactive approach ensures that we maintain our position of strength in a highly competitive environment, enabling us to provide the most comprehensive services and the best possible value-for-money transactions to all our customers. New Ware Winding Services & Supplies (Pty) Ltd, is set to expand its exposure into more branches and agencies on a continued basis.

  • FREE, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Breakdown Motor Replacement Service.
  • FREE replacement and / or the use of an equivalent rated electric motor whilst your own motor is being repaired and / or maintained.
  • A full 24 to 60 Month Wear and Tear Maintenance Guarantee on all electric motors is available, this is inclusive of all the costs of rewinding, bearings, spare parts, mechanical repairs and all labour. With the option to extend your maintenance contract at the end of one of the above Guarantee periods as added Bonus.
  • FREE collection and delivery to and from your factory premises within 24 hours of notification.
  • Control over the spiralling cost of your electric motor expenses.
  • More efficient budgeting through costs being FIXED over the contract period.
  • Reduced Administration and Maintenance overheads.
  • Positive influence on cash flow.
  • Routine Maintenance as per manufacturers specifications.
  • Repairs to Mechanical and Electrical components necessitated through normal wear and tear.
  • Repairs to accessories fitted to the motors.
  • FREE monthly motor Inspections, Monitoring and on Site Maintenance of all your Motorplan Motors.

The Motorplan option offers you a Service that can have a High Quality Replacement motor at your door within twenty four hours.

Did you realise that every time you have a motor rewound it’s life span is reduced and its efficiency drops by at least 1% ? This means that you are spending more money monthly to run this motor.

New Ware Winding Services & Supplies (Pty) Ltd is the only Place in RSA where a motor can be renewed to genuine Standards of Quality and Efficiency. Its also the only company in a position to offer this kind of Motorplan motor replacement service. We simply take your old motor away for service and repairs and supply a replacement motor in its place.

There is no waiting for the old one to come back and no compromise on quality which can occur if you buy an inferior motor or maybe have one quickly rewound because you need it in a hurry.

Finally for your peace of mind, every motor supplied comes with our High Quality Motorplan Guarantee, when your company is depending on you, you can depend on the New Ware.

“REMAN”, is a range of Reconditioned Electric motors. With almost the same reliability and performance as from a brand new motor, at a fraction of the cost, we are so confident in the high standard of skills and expertise of our personnel and the quality of the end product that we back all re-manufactured products with a Six to 12 Month Guarantee. New Ware, by re-manufacturing to factory standards, using only high quality replacement parts.

Your Downtime is almost nil or very minimal, saving you time, money and inconvenience. The “REMAN” product range provides a cost effective method, with the assurance of our Motorplan High Quality Guarantee.

Consider this example:
  • ABCD Metals owns and operates a Engineering plant. They have recently been awarded a large contract with the railways for the supply of finished axles on a daily basis.In order to meet production Mr. Jones the Production Manager needs to install a special polishing & finishing machine. The machine is driven by a one – 110 kW, one – 55 kW and two 37 kW electric motors.If Mr Jones has a production interruption for more than 24 hours he cannot deliver products the following day and runs the risk of losing his contract.Mr Jones has 2 options :
  • Mr Jones can purchase a New 110 kW, a 55 kW and two 37 kW electric motors at a price of R35 926.00; R19 913.00 and R13 262.00 per motor respectively, one off each to operate his special polishing & finishing machine, and one of each as emergency standby motors – a total capital outlay of R138 202.00, or
  • Mr Jones can purchase, from New Ware Winding Services & Supplies (Pty) LtdA) NEW Electric Motors at a price of R 35 926.00; R 19 913.00 and R 13 262.00 per motor respectively with a MOTORPLAN guarantee.B) “REMAN” fully Reconditioned Motors at a price of R19 500.00; R10 500.00 and R7 000.00 respectively with a MOTORPLAN guarantee.At a fixed monthly cost of only R 4 201.53 per month for a contract period of three years (36 Months). The MOTORPLAN guarantee ensures that in the event of breakdown any of Mr Jones’ MOTORPLAN motors, they will be replaced with an equivalent motor within 24 hours of him reporting the breakdown – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – whilst his own motor is being repaired and / or maintained free-of-charge.

    During this period all the maintenance and any repairs will be covered by the MOTORPLAN, even simple bearing changes. New Ware will also replace the motors covered by the MOTORPLAN with “REMAN” and / or NEW motors before the end of the contract period.

    Mr Jones is a businessman – his choice is simple – the MOTORPLAN option offers him the Best and Lowest cost solution, helps his cash flow, and allows him to sleep at night knowing that he need never worry again about production interruption as a result of electric motor breakdowns.

    A 24, 36, 48 and 60 month MOTORPLAN is available to you on your purchase of any New Motors or “REMAN” fully reconditioned motors from New Ware – at a minimal monthly cost.

    We can also take over your existing motors / spare motors and Manage them with our 24, 36, 48 and 60 month MOTORPLAN.

    Should you require more information or a quotation regarding the MOTORPLAN option please ask us for more details.

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