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Thanks to the personality of its founder, a man who understood that the development of the business depended not only on human know-how, but also on a reliable and worldwide service, HELMKE today enjoys an international reputation in the field of electric drives.

Backed by its team of engineers well versed in all driving problems, led by a profoundly European-minded businessman with a passion for his trade, structured around several poles of development and present in 57 countries,

HELMKE reconciled the strength of an international group with the flexibility of several units of human size. From the electric motor to power electronics, the users of rotating machines will find in HELMKE the driving force for all their projects.

HELMKE`s expert knowledge in the field of electrical machinery as well as long-term experience, innovative production and quality-securing measures during the machines´ construction and manufacturing guarantee a maximum of quality for our products.

Following product ranges are covered:

  • High-voltage technology
  • Low-voltage technology
  • Direct-current technology
  • Frequency converter technology
  • Transformers

As partner and major purchaser, HELMKE also supplies machinery of well-known European manufacturers.

Make use of this advantage through us!

HELMKE maintains the world´s largest stocks of brand new high-voltage motors.
A special advantage of HELMKE´s service and delivery programme is to be seen in designs as per Customers´ Requirements, Reconstructions and Special Constructions.

Having HELMKE as partner means getting driving solutions from HELMKE Service.

Key Benefits

  • Ex-stock
  • Short lead times (One of the largest HV Motor Stocks in the World.)
  • Special application motors
  • Partner in supplying complete driving solutions
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